Monday, 9 May 2016

Proactively Monitoring the Heap Memory in JDeveloper IDE

Requirement: Proactively Monitoring the Heap Memory in JDeveloper IDE

We can continuously monitor the Consumed Heap and Perm Gen memory in JDevloper IDE during runtime. It will show us the consumed memory and also allow us to clear the memory when required.

Whenever we are running JDeveloper IDE in low configuration system or less powerful hardware, the developer could force the Garbage Collection, just before entire memory is consumed by JDeveloper and JDeveloper starts freezing.

To proactively monitoring the Heap memory in JDeveloper 11g IDE, we need to do some settings, which is shown in the below steps:

Step 1: Go to the below location:

Step 2: Open jdev.conf file in notepad.

Step 3: Add the below property file at the end of jdev.conf file

AddVMOption -DMainWindow.MemoryMonitorOn=true

Step 4: Restart the JDeveloper IDE. Thus we can see in the lower right corner of the JDeveloper IDE - Heap and Perm Gen memory statistics, along with garbage collector button:

When we click the Garbage Collector button, it will clear memory up to certain extent.

Thus, the solution to our requirement.

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