Friday, 29 January 2016

Create new schema in Oracle database that have its own tablespace

To create the schema that have its own tablespace follow the steps as shown below:
Step 1: To see what are the already created tablespace available write the command as shown below:
select tablespace_name from dba_tablespaces;
Step 2: Now we will create a temporary tablespace as shown below:
Step 3: Create the default tablespace as shown below:
Step 4: Now we will create the user SUSANTO with password as PAUL. We will assign the default tablespace as SUSANTO_TABLESPACE and temporary tablespace as SUSANTO_TABLESPACE_TEMP as shown below:
Step 5: Now we will grant some privilege to user SUSANTO as shown below:
Grant create session to SUSANTO;
Grant create table to SUSANTO;
Grant unlimited tablespace to SUSANTO;
Step 6: Now we will login as SUSANTO and see what privilege he have:
Step 7: Now we will verify if we are able to create table SUSANTO1 in user SUSANTO
Hence the solution to our requirement.
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