Sunday, 20 September 2015

Differences between Bounded Taskflow and Unbounded Taskflow

Some of the differences between BOUNDED taskflow and UNBOUNDED taskflow are highlighted below:

Sl No
Bounded Taskflow
Unbounded Taskflow
It is added to the task flow stack when called.
First entry on the task flow stack- the outer most task flow.
Single point of entry with zero or more exit points.
No well-defined boundary or single point of entry. We should use unbounded task flow if our application have multiple point of entry.
Can be used as a region on the page with page fragments.
Cannot be used as a region on a page.
Can accept parameters and return values.
Does not accept parameters.
Can be secured separately from pages.
Not securable of its own, uses page security.
Declarative transaction management and save for later.
Cannot manage transaction or save for later.
Must be called to be invoked.
Cannot be called.
Can be bookmarked.
Not bookmark able.
We can create bounded task flow by: Using New Gallery, and by extracting part of an existing task flow.
We can create unbounded task flow by: Adding task flow components to adfc-config.xml, using New Gallery and converting the bounded task flows.
One application can have many bounded task flow.
One application can have only one unbounded task flow.
It is created in task-flow-defination.xml file.
The unbounded task flow source file if adfc-config.xml.
We can call a bounded TF from another bounded/Unbounded TF
We cannot call the unbounded task flow from another unbounded/bounded task flows.

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Susanto Paul